Spirals (4+)

Tim Oelbrandt

In ‘Spirals’, a man finds himself torn between two worlds: the real world and one he creates in his imagination. He becomes so immersed in his own fantasy that he can no longer distinguish between the two.

He builds a dream factory fuelled by manipulation and the power of illusion.

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  • Basis: € 12,00
  • -12 jaar: € 8,00
  • -26 jaar: € 10,00
  • Groepstarief: € 8,00


GC de Moelie
Sint-Sebastiaanstraat 14
1630 Linkebeek

Target audience

Kids, Family

This mesmerising performance explores the boundary between fantasy and reality, as magic, illusion, and imagery are brilliantly combined. Suitable for children aged 5 and over.

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