Practice Dutch

If you are looking for opportunities for practising your Dutch, we can offer you language courses for children, chat cafés, easy-to-follow theatre performances, booklets with words and pictures and much more.

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Practice in your spare time

For those of you looking for a fun way of trying out their Dutch in their free time, how about cooking or crafting? Or maybe you prefer sports or just chatting? Or would you like to learn something completely new?

Mensen die praten
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Café Combinne

If you fancy having a pleasant chat in Dutch, Café Combinne is the place to practice the language and meet people from your neighbourhood. We talk about everyday issues. Coffee, tea and water are available free of charge.

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Dutch language lessons

The Crescendo-CVO adult education centre, provides Dutch language classes in the municipal primary school De Wonderwijzer in Drogenbos.

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Language immersion

If Dutch is not your children's mother tongue, it is a good idea for them to learn and practise Dutch during their holidays. With this in mind, De Horizon and ‘de Rand' non-profit making associations have created a series of entertaining and instructive Dutch courses for this very purpose.

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Conversation class

The conversation group is a great place to do a lot of talking in Dutch. You can discuss the news of the day, have an interesting conversation about your hobbies, attend a show and have a pleasant chat afterwards ... Almost anything is feasible, as long as you practice your Dutch while undertaking these activities.


Wil je graag materialen gebruiken om Nederlands te oefenen? Komt langs in het gemeenschapscentrum en ontdek welke materialen we ter beschikking hebben.

Language icons

Our community centre offers many activities in the Dutch language. These are ideal for people learning Dutch. Use the explanations linked to the language icons to choose an activity.